Full Spectrum of Logistics Services

Warehousing: XPERTS LOGISTICS operates a multi-client warehousing facility in the Miami area. Xperts offers flexible warehousing solutions for clients with short-term or fluctuating space requirements at a variable cost. Xperts Warehousing Services provides customers the ability to expand or contract inventory based on demand, which enables them to reduce costs out of their supply chains and maximize profits. Some of the advantages of Warehousing include: the opportunity to consolidate shipments with other customers in the same facility, labor and operating expenses are typically lower because labor can be allocated across customers, and contract terms are typically shorter term and more flexible.

Contract Logistics: XPERTS LOGISTICS Contract Logistics services are ideal for Customers planning to establish a distribution center in a specific region. Xperts Logistics can operate successful contract logistics operations for clients seeking long-term solutions at dedicated facilities. With our contract Logistics services, clients get dedicated and specialized labor, facility, and standard operating procedures designed specifically to the Client’s needs. 

Warehouse & Distribution: XPERTS operations provide Order fulfillment for customers in all industries. Whether the customer is a Distributor, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, internet store, Retailer or B2B eCommerce, we customize our processes to meet their specific needs, providing different services such as pick & pack of the orders and final distribution or shipping to the final recipient, All in one step. We take very seriously the needs of our customers and use our expertise to create processes that meet their needs 

Product Shipping: Our Company can help you ship your products, regardless of the size and speed of your deliveries using our extended network of partners including small couriers like UPS, USPS, FEDEX, etc.

Transload/Crossdock: XPERTS offers crossdock and transload services at very competitive rates.

Value Added Services: XPERTS goes the extra mile to offer customers other particular services to our clients. Kitting, Labeling, Packaging, consolidation, segregation and Light Assembly among others.